Hello, my name is Heidi.

I'm 17 and I live in Colorado.I enjoy swimming and painting and reading and writing. I reblog lots of art, boys, models, skateboarders, nature shots, and basically anything niggapeach and absurdom post.

There’s a hurricane in my brain and all I can do is wait for the eye of the storm

okay guys.


I wanted to do the same thing as songsforchildren did, but make the letters more personal.
So what you’re gonna do is send your initials and your address to me via an anonymous message. But with this information, I want you to write me one word. It could be something you love, a name, or how you feel. I’ll create a notecard sized art piece based on your word and send it to the address. I promise your information won’t be published and I will only know it enough to write it on the envelope.
so send me stuff guys.

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annythunder said:

Hey! =)) Can you reblog me? Thaanks! =DD